Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Therapy in Centreville, VA

Root canal therapy gives you the option of saving your natural tooth, even if your tooth has been affected by deep decay, trauma, or infection. Our modern root canal procedures are efficient and most patients experience only minimal discomfort.

Fairfax root canal near Chantilly graphical demonstrationA tooth consists of three main parts: enamel, or a hard protective shell, dentin, a softer middle layer, and an inner layer of soft tissue called dental pulp. The pulp is made of lymph tissue, nerve tissue and blood vessels. If the pulp is traumatized by a fracture, forceful blow or oral bacteria, the tooth starts to die. Root canal therapy is often necessary at that point to eliminate or prevent infection and tooth loss.

Certain signs and symptoms may indicate the need for root canal therapy. Patients with an infected nerve or disease tooth may experience pain, ranging from minimal to severe, irritation and swelling around the surrounding gum tissue or tooth discoloration. The signs of an infection may also be visible on a radiograph.

“I dreaded getting my root canal done, but the professionals at Centreville Dental were just amazing. They walked me through every step and made me feel comfortable. The procedure was painless and the healing time was minimal. I can’t believe that was a root canal!”

Before undergoing root canal therapy, the dentist will anesthetize the effected tooth to prevent pain during the procedure. Next, a drill is used to reach the tooth’s canals and pulp chamber. Pin-like files of nickel titanium are use to carefully cleanse the canals and the tip of the root to remove any traces of debris or infection. The tooth is then disinfected and sealed and the canal’s access hole is closed with a permanent or temporary filling. The filling prevents infection and pain from recurring.

After the root canal treatment has been completed, the dentist will discuss options for tooth restoration, if needed, which may include dental crowns.

Following root canal therapy, it is normal to experience tenderness around the gums, but pain and discomfort are rare. The tissues surrounding the tooth’s root may be inflamed, but most patients experience few negative effects following the procedure. Most are soon relieved to experience a decrease in pain and discomfort caused by the affected tooth’s infection or trauma.

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If you have questions about the root canal procedure or if you would like to request an appointment, please contact us by email or by calling us at 703-815-0775. We provide root canal treatment to patients in Centreville, Fairfax, Chantilly, and the surrounding areas of Northern Virginia.

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What Our Patients Say

Dr Rena Vakay and her staff are truly the best. I have been going to the practice for many, many years and their professionalism is over the top. Long before Covid Centreville Dental Wellness has been top gold standard with office cleanliness. Dr Vakay is honest, bright, top rated and the best doctor I've had the pleasure of working with. The office is always in front of all the new technology. I can't say enough about this practice.

Kim M.

Dr Vakay is THE very best dentist ever. She is the only dentist who uses preventive dentistry rather than reactive. My teeth have never been in better condition. She measures my gums to be sure there is no change or recession every time. She also does beautiful cosmetic dentistry. I am proof!!!

Annie C.

Dr. Vakay and her assistant Christina are true artists. Their cosmetic dentistry skills are top notch. They made 5 new crowns for my upper front teeth and they look and feel beautiful and healthy. They were a pleasure to work with. When I brought to their attention that the color was a little brighter than I had anticipated, they offered to bleach my bottom teeth a second time (at no cost to me). That's true customer service.

Mary S.

I have been coming to Centreville Dental Wellness for 11 years, first to Dr. Judith Thomas and after she retired, to Dr. Jason Abel. My experience here has always been top notch and the entire office staff are professional and informed. I have had a variety of procedures and the office is good at getting me in on short notice, keeping me apprised of financial costs based on what my insurance will or will not cover, and making what could be a stressful time far less so. I highly recommend this practice across the board.

Louise M.

The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and I have never waited more that 5 minutes to get in and seen by either the hygienist or Dr. Vakay. The teeth cleaning is the best I have ever had hands down! My teeth feel and look amazing after having a cleaning at Centreville Dental Wellness Center.

Colleen M.

Dr. Vakay's office is Very friendly, detailed and efficient with their dental care! Old school patient service that doesn't exist any more . She is a "diamond ", shiny star!

Jason Y.

I have been going to Centreville Wellness for over 20 years. First went there by chance (there was no Yelp at the time), but have continued to go based on quality of work, price and customer service. They have certainly made changes to their practice since I first started going there; all of which were good. Dr. Vakay knows whats going on and how to take care of her patients.

Rob M.

Our family has been going to this dental practice for years, even before Dr. Vakay and Dr. Abel were there. We stayed through the transition because of the wonderful care we received. Everyone of the staff with whom I have interacted have not only been great at their jobs, but cheerful, friendly and kind. I trust both doctors. They combine new technology and treatment with old-fashioned, personal care. I highly recommend the practice.

Victoria F.

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