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A new Smile with Invisalign!


Jackie’s crooked teeth had caused her to be self-conscious her entire life, and so had her weight. After losing almost 100 pounds, Jackie was finally feeling good about her body and wanted to feel just as good about her smile.

When Jackie came in to see us at Centreville Dental Wellness Center, she hadn’t been to the dentist in some time. Her misaligned teeth made it hard for her to properly clean her teeth and gums, and she had significant plaque buildup in places where her teeth were the most crooked. She also complained that her front teeth occasionally knocked against each other when chewing, resulting in pain and discomfort.

Working with Dr. Vakay to review her options for her new smile, Jackie wanted to correct her teeth discreetly. She didn’t want regular braces to interfere with her professional image, and after feeling bad about her body and her smile for so long, she wanted a way to straighter teeth without feeling self-conscious.

Dr. Vakay suggested Invisalign to straighten Jackie’s teeth, as she was an excellent candidate. Dr. Vakay was able to take digital photos of Jackie’s teeth and bring them up on a monitor in the office during her consultation, where Jackie could see the before and after version of her teeth using Invisalign.

The difference was hard to ignore—her teeth would be straight and even for the first time in her life. Jackie started her Invisalign treatment within just a few weeks of her consultation.

After about a year with her Invisalign treatment, Jackie’s smile has never looked better and boosts her new confidence even more. Jackie also says that her straight teeth have made chewing easier as well. Although her teeth are much easier to take care of now, she still comes in for regular checkups and cleanings to maintain her new smile!

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Awards & Recognition

We were excited to open our doors on May 1 for regular patient care.  We will continue to strive to provide a clean, safe and caring environment. You may notice a few differences when you arrive at our office, but they are part of the new protocol we have implemented.


IMPORTANT: rather than entering our office upon arrival, please call us first (703-815-0775) to let us know you’re here. You will be asked some screening questions over the phone, and then may enter our reception area where your temperature will be taken and hand sanitizer provided. Your shoes will also be lightly sprayed with disinfectant. You will then be escorted to a disinfected treatment room.

We are excited to welcome you back to our office!