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A New Bright Smile with our Professional Teeth Whitening!

Teeth whitening

When Jaiden came in to see us at Centreville Dental Wellness Center, he was concerned about the discoloration of his teeth. He hadn’t kept up with his regular teeth cleanings, and over the years, his teeth became stained from everyday consumption of foods and drinks, many of which have the potential to discolor tooth enamel over time.

Jaiden was self-conscious about the color of his teeth and had tried over-the-counter whitening products with only minor improvement. He wanted to see what was affecting his teeth from getting whiter and what he could do about it.

Dr. Abel saw Jaiden for his consultation, and he conducted an exam and x-rays of Jaiden’s smile to ensure there was no other damage present. Jaiden had some tooth enamel damage, likely from not keeping up with his professional teeth cleanings, which was contributing to his enamel discoloration.

After evaluating his oral health, Dr. Abel suggested a teeth cleaning to remove the surface stains that had impacted Jaiden’s smile. Then, they could get a better idea of his true shade of white and reevaluate if a professional teeth whitening was necessary.

After Jaiden’s teeth cleaning, his smile’s color had improved, but not to the point where his stains were completely gone and Jaiden was satisfied. Dr. Abel and Jaiden discussed moving forward with a professional teeth whitening, which could be done right in the office and would take approximately an hour.

Jaiden was able to pick the shade of white he wanted for his teeth, and scheduled an appointment to come in for the procedure. It took just under an hour and the results were immediate. Jaiden is very happy with his new white smile, and continues to come in for his regular teeth cleanings to maintain his oral health as well as his new beautiful white teeth!

About Dr. Jason Abel

Dr. Jason Abel has taken extensive continuing education in order to stay current and informed in the latest procedures and techniques in dentistry. He is a “Preferred Provider” of Invisalign invisible braces, and enjoys the opportunity to provide a wide range of dental treatment for his patients, including root canals, extractions, dentures, and restorative dentistry.
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We were excited to open our doors on May 1 for regular patient care.  We will continue to strive to provide a clean, safe and caring environment. You may notice a few differences when you arrive at our office, but they are part of the new protocol we have implemented.


IMPORTANT: rather than entering our office upon arrival, please call us first (703-815-0775) to let us know you’re here. You will be asked some screening questions over the phone, and then may enter our reception area where your temperature will be taken and hand sanitizer provided. Your shoes will also be lightly sprayed with disinfectant. You will then be escorted to a disinfected treatment room.

We are excited to welcome you back to our office!